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Wednesday, 16 May 2018 19:44

Castle & Islands 2018

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(Pictures from the 2015 event are here)

Well, as all we skippers and crew who took part in the 2015 Coquet Yacht Club Castles & Islands Challenge wake from a much welcomed sleep into a slightly less zombie like post race stupor we can all reflect on what we actually put ourselves, boats and often unsuspecting runners through.

Forecast was not looking good on Friday night for any chance of blistering boat speeds; and at some point through the night as we watched the wind die to nothing and the forecast showing gusting 1 MPH for during the night at Boulmer thoughts no doubt circulated to whether we would actually complete the course in the 24 hours. Still, at least the sea was flat and it wasn't raining!

Briefing was held at the Cliubhouse with lots of last minute checks of maps by the runners with ensuing cries of "anyone got any more safety pins?" and then a quick dash ferrying the runners up to Alnwick for the start. It seems the runners had a reasonably straight forward run this year without incident that I am aware of at time of going to press. I was hoping to hear some stories regaled about running through the first field at Alndyke which, when I drove past, appeared to be full of cattle. Perhaps such stories were recounted at the Bar and BBQ on the evening when I had to resume fatherly / childcare duties back at home.

Runners were running so now to say which boats we had competing:
January First
Tina Louise

As you will all appreciate, the pre race time can be a hectic time for the skippers and crew. last minute checks and tuning, topping up diesel tanks, offloading unnecessary kit, jockeying for best position to get away from the marina etc. Or in January First's case, locate the missing promised dinghy (someone had kindly borrowed or moved the one we were borrowing from Michael Irwin that had up until the day prior been hanging in the dinghy store - helpful) and tuck into a vast vat of spag bol prepared by Mark Philips.

This year January First was definitely NOT going to run out of batteries! I had installed 2 new 110AH batteries over the Winter AND I had brought my reserve battery booster pack just in case! Just remember the fridge gets turned off when not at shore power please Mark!

Hopefully John Hodges from Émigré enjoyed his sail on January First. Good to have him onboard. Some interesting and useful ideas and good to have another local skipper to be able to discuss tactics with.

First back from the run was of course Ian and co the runners for Spurrelli and Nick gets a flier from his pontoon into the evening, next to arrive I think was Tina Louise (Good run from event organiser Pete Hammond on his first ever completion of the Alnwick to Amble section!) then Jelfrezi (at this point I think I need to make people aware that I provided the runners for Jalfrezi and right now they were beating my team of runners - what had I done?) then in came my pair. No time for niceties other than "Well done, now get on the boat and let's get away!"

Engine on to Sewer buoy. I wondered why John kept looking at me and at the throttle....... I was in normal "Oh we are pootling out the harbour for our Saturday morning race" mode so running engine nicely at 2000RPM - dam I should have been pushing harder but we got there in the end! Pan Bush crossed and spinnaker up cutting upwind of Tina Louise (sorry Pete) much to the amusement of one of my runners when asking if that was bad etiquette to do this.

Round the island spinnaker down and North we go. By this time Spurrelli is just a distant blip on the horizon, he's going to take some catching! We decide to keep inshore and out of the tide but it's slow going. By about 23:00 myself and the rest of the fleet are just ghosting along at less than 1kt in less than zephyr like draughts of wind. I think it's going to be a long night! At this point the crew look at me in astonishment partial disbelief / shock, horror and bemusement as I announce we are breaking out the oars and going to try to paddle January first. The more astute of you will be thinking that you don't get rowlocks, you might get a lot of boll*&ks talked onboard but definitely no rowlocks on a 35 foot 6+ ton yacht. It's fine, I checked, it's in the rules we are allowed to! Now, where was that big drum to call out the beat?

So Graham and myself try paddling whilst kneeling on the side deck but it's uncomfortable and also not very effective. Come on she is over 6 tons I keep thinking so what did I expect. Then John has the idea of bracing the oars against the pushpit and actually rowing. That's better but still awkward as no rowlocks so the oar doesn't get maximum effect due to slopping around. Even better, you're a genius John, let's tie the oars in place fashioning rowlocks from the currently unused spinnaker sheets. Now, Stroke! Stroke! Stroke. It works and with a combination of oars and limp sails we hit the dizzying speeds of 0.6kts occasionally 1kt. At least we are moving and the activity keeps the crew's mind off mutiny! They were also there "just in case" the batteries died was also at the back of my mind! I was NOT getting towed into the marina again!

North we go chasing Spurelli. I really need to praise my new for 2015 crew man Graham. He rowed solidly for about an hour not accepting the really feeble offers from the rest of us of "do you need a spell Graham, come on we'll give you a break", Thanks God! As the clouds gather and actual darkness falls it's left to just myself and Graham to push on as the rest of the crew catch up on some "zeds" below. Just two of us it's not as easy to paddle and hold sails out whilst running in no wind. I tie the boom off to the shroud, pole the genoa out goosewinged, put Graham on the helm with instructions to look out for potdans and resume the rowing. Is that Spurrelli's mast light we can see ahead of us? There's a second one as well. Which one is in Newton? Are they from our fleet? If so how did the other boat get past us so well? Did the people who elected to go offshore get better wind than us??? Are the rest of the fleet now at the Farnes? What have I done and put my crew through????

Eventually Dunstanburgh castle is passed and we call for the runners to start prepping to disembark from their berths and get going. The wind pipes up just enough to glide into Newton in the pitch black, sail along drop the runners off the anchor up not far from Spurelli whose runners are still ashore. Good God are we really second boat in and therefore currently 1st on handicap? Nah! Can't be. No pressure guys!

At this point I should probably mention Nick Spurr on Spurrelli. He picked up a Newton mooring (or something similar) whislt in there, around his keel. It took a while and lots of toing and froing but he managed to extricate himself without sending anyone in the water (as far as I am aware). Some boat handling in close quarters hindered by that chain and rope. Hope the boat's okay!

Gradually other boats arrive just as we are about to almost leave. Compared to previous years this is going remarkable well for us on January First. the engine was starting, Tridata was working. Nothing had fallen off or broken yet. SOMETHING has to be about to go wrong surely!

Still with Spurrelli in sight we set the assymetric this time and head off North. Yes, yes yes! I know I rigged the assymetric with the tack and clew round the wromng way but it was working bloody well! Better than when we corrected it! Now, do we go for Seahouses or Staple Sound? Tide calculations abound and the decision is made we try for Seahouses. Forecaste checked again and we see it's forecast to keep Southerly but decrease further then increase slightly later on. It's okay though the oars are still there if we need them! Alas we are maintaining just over 1kt with the unconventional poling of an assymetirc to leeward sail plan so the oars stay shipped.

Damnation! As always happens in these circumstances, the wind fills in from the South but the chasing fleet get it way before we do and they steadily gain on us. I knew it was too good to be true.

Decision for staple Sound versus Seahouses re-evaluated and we go for Seahouses. Runners away, do your stuff, see you shortly. Interetsing, all other boats in the fleet that we can see elect for Seahouses and we watch CBeagle go for Staple under spinnaker. He just seems to be stemming the tide most if the time and we congratulate ourselves on what appears to be a good decision to call in to Seahouses. It's amazing how close we all are now and the race appears to be between the runners more than ever as later arriving boats runners start to arrive back before ours. start wondering again why I seem to have given other boat better runners than I kept for myself.

As Tina Louise and Elver motor into site having I assume retired from the sailing side but continuing with the running side we collect our runners and head out. Check decision time again, dog leg out to Staple or straight North through Inner? Staple it is with Jalfrezi and Charisma in hot pursuit. Arrow goes through Inner.

Time for some at the time amusing texts from race control and my wife.
RACE CONTROL: "where are you January First, you seem to have been at Boulmer for ages......."
RACE CONTROL: "Have you seen Pendragon? They seem to be reporting they are in Belford"
Wife: "Just checked, you seem to be doing really well. You're in first place just passing Alnmouth....."

Back to the sailing. Spinnaker up we race onwards to Triton buoy with Jalfrezi going better than we are but we push on getting to Triton just before Jalfrezi. Runners away and we hunt for a anchorage which will hold. Any damage to CBeagle Kris. We noticed a few members of crew needing to heel the boat over as though lifting the keel from the bottom perhaps?

Sitting at anchor the entertainment committee was in full swing onboard CBeagle with much dancing and merrymaking. Good show having so many grown men dancing around handbags and dad dancing in a small cockpit. I have the video if people want to see it!

Hold on a minute. Boats that arrived before us are now leaving as their runners must have beaten ours back. Oh well, at least the wind's freshening. We just need it to get to January First's sweet spot of 12kts and it'll be a good drag race of a beat home! Will we finish in the 24 hour challenge limit though after so many hours prior with no wind??? At least we don't have to beat back through Staple!

Holy Island MArshal radios us to say runners are on the way so we up anchor and go to collect them. They are struggling to row against the wind but I shout I can't get closer as it's too shallow. I look at the depth and see 4 metres as we go inshore of Elver trying to give the rowers some shelter from the wind (my excuse and I'm sticking to it!) only for the boat to come to a restful stop. Now I could say I did this to shelter the runners a bit and give them the chance to get onboard a stationary vessel but no. I ran aground, luckily on the sandy bit! With maximum thrust astern and all 5 crew members on the port side she gradually comes adrift but now accelerating towards Elver and the rather non-chalantly reclined Liz King in the cockpit calmly stating, "it's not my boat but I'll tell Alistair if you hit his boat....". At least the bottom of the keel should be scrubbed clean and we'll need every bit of less drag possible for the race home.

We now leave with Arrow about 15 minutes ahead of us going for Staple and Jalfrezi about 10 minutes ahead of us aiming for Inner and the wind is now at 20kts. Forecasters, what do they know? At least they got the wind direction correct!

Southward we race trying to get past Jalfrezi, if nothing more than to just beat Richard. Nothing personal but he beat me overall in the 2014 CYC season so a bit of friendly rivalry never hurt and it's good to have a focus in the race.

Jalfrezi heads offshore hoping to catch the now turned tide running South whilst rather than just give chase we elect for an inshore route. It's working, as the two course intercept we have gained. Shame Jalfrezi now copy us and maintain there lead. John draws my attention to the gathering tide running on a lobster dan and we head out offshore into the tide getting funnelled South through Staple Sound.

Next intercept of the two boats, has it worked? Yes it has and we duck behind them by about 2 boat lengths. I suppose now it's down to who does the most mistakes during a tack or loses the wind first!

John heads off below for a quick nap leaving Mark, Graham and myself to push on as hard as we can. 1st reef put in the main as the wind is up towards 22kts. The tri data reports steady average around 4kts boat speed but the plotter reporting up towards 7 kts. Guess I should have calibrated the log when I had the chance last weekend when I fitted it!

Entertainment onboard January First was not just provided by the singing to the continual audio background musinc piped through the cockpit speakers (one of the best jobs I did over winter fitting them, other than sanding the hull back and freeing off the feathering prop!) but by me watching my runners flying in the forepeak as we dropped off the occasional wave and then seeing him mountain climbing across the saloon towards the heads a few times. NOT looking forward to cleaning that up!

Sun is out and the boat is flying with the reef in and full genoa. We cross the line in front of Jalfezi so moral victory claimed now it's down to the handicap.

I now race home to get time with the kids and leave the crew to finish off the box of vintage chiraz they'd been working their way through during the race. IT's a hard racing life onboard January First.

Of course I am tired by now, I get home having not slept since 6Am the morning of Friday. I sort the kids out. grab a sandwich and head to bed at 22:00 only to be woken violently at about 1AM Sunday morning by a banging on the bedroom window. I jump out of bed thinking we must be getting broken into by some idiot trying to climb through the upstairs bedroom window. No, it was my wife Louise who was returning from work having finished her shift at Alnwick ambulance station late then couldn't get the door unlocked as I had locked it and left the key in. She had knocked on the door but now answer (can't imagine why!) then rang the phone but now answer from me or me kids, climbed over the back fence (having got stuck on it for a while she says) and finally put some ladders against the house to knock on the window. I can only apologise..... I was tired!

So to the results. I was not at the club last night to get the results as I was doing dad type things with kids but this morning I hear Charisma wiped the board taking all trophies apart from fastest lady runner. He was an all rounder boat as well. Damnation - Another runner I supplied was on there! Note to self, next year get worse runners for other people.

I believe; and I take this with caution, January First had the fastest sailing time? I am not sure and it is unconfirmed at this moment but time will tell.

A good race. A good event and now we need to start getting more boats in for next year! Thanks to my crew and especially to John Hodges for at first putting up with the singing then taking the lead on many of the 70's hits. I really liked his rendition of "Hi Ho Silver Lining", welcome back anytime John.

Best get down to clean the boat I guess today! She's a mess!

Volador Plate next weekend. Got Peter Boyle as race officer. A trophy race so instant wins.... And in the words of another song from John Hodges' repertoire "Come on everybody....."

Thursday, 18 June 2015 11:18

Castle & Islands Challenge - Event Tracking

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Well, the much anticipated Castle & Island Challenge 2015 is nearly here.  Once again TrackaPhone are providing the tracking for this event.  For more information on TrackaPhone, and to access the live feeds during the event, pelase visit this press release:

For those that don't know, we have our annual Castles & Island Challenge coming up starting on Friday 19th June.

This is a 24 hour challenge encompassing 30 or so miles of running (not to belittle this as having actually done the running sections it is not easy!) split over 4 legs interspersed with some sailing. Sounds easy doesn't it. All done in 24 hours.

Runners start at Alnwick Castle on the Friday night then run cross country round Warkworth Castle then to the boats at Amble.

Sailors take over, leave sewer buoy to starboard go around Coquet island then head North.

Other three runs are
• from Newton to Dunstanburgh castle and back.
• From Seahouses along the beach around Bamburgh castle and back along the beach
• Circumnavigate Holy Island.
Last year proved it was indeed a challenge with the wind dying and some boats not making it back within the 24 hours.....

We have marshals at specific checkpoints along and at the runs to record times and to make sure runners are safe.

Unfortunately we have now, remiss of us I know, "lost" our marshal for the Seahouses leg. Therefore, this is an appeal for anyone out there willing to sit in their car or perhaps caravan at the shore end of Seahouses North Pier for Friday 19th night and some of Saturday 20th morning.

If anyone is willing to help with this could you please let myself know as soon as possible? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for your assistance.

Peter Coulthard
Rear Commodore sailing.

Thursday, 21 May 2015 21:57

Runners wanted for Castle & Islands Event

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The following teams are looking for an additional runner.  To find out more about the event, see the Castle & Islands Pages

  • Rob Langley (Pendragon of Tyne) is looking for a runner for his Castles and Islands Challenge team.
    If you can help or know someone who may be interested please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Richard Morgan (Charisma) is looking for a runner for his Castles and Islands Challenge team.
    If you can help or know someone who may be interested please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Friday, 27 March 2015 00:00

Castle & Island Launch Evening

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Dear Runners and Sailors

Don't forget that Friday April 10 at Coquet Yacht Club is the launch evening for CYC's 2015 Castles and Islands Challenge. We hope you have it underlined in your diary and will be there on the night.

Whether you're a runner or a sailor looking for a boat, a skipper looking for crew or runners, or simply seeking more information about the event - you'll find the Launch Evening a valuable and entertaining experience. The bar will be open and there will be food available.

This year's Challenge has two sponsors - Amble Harbour Village and TrackaPhone.

Amble Harbour Village is the exciting new riverside development that opens officially on Saturday 28th March 2015. The development consists of 15 small retail 'pods' offering arts, gifts, food and drink, and a seafood centre that aims to support the fishing community through distribution and sustainability of locally caught fish. "The Harbour Village will enhance the tourism offering in Amble and aims to attract more visitors to the town".

TrackaPhone's location platform will enable relatives and friends of the competitors in the Castles and Islands Challenge to monitor the progress of their favourite teams via the internet.

TrackaPhone is a location based service provider. TrackaPhone's location platform enables its customers to protect their people, vehicles and assets globally enabling them to work safely and more efficiently. Unlike certain applications TrackaPhone's technology is agnostic to device (BlackBerry, iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Iridium etc) and agnostic to mapping and network providers. The Castles and Islands Challenge has been used as a test bed for projects such as 'people at risk'. Tracking runners and yachts using a standard old fashioned device is a harsh environment which is similar to carrying a phone in a handbag. The device can't see the sky and the network signal can be weak and therefore other location technologies have to be used. TrackaPhone's customers are wide and varied involving mom-and-pop businesses through Government organisations in the UK and abroad. "We are delighted to support the Castles and Islands Challenge".

The Castles and Islands Committee looks forward to seeing you on Friday April 10th - 7:00 pm at Coquet yacht Club.

More information is avaliable here:

Peter Cossins
CYC Castles and Islands Committee.


Dear Runners and Sailors

It's February -- time to organise a team and send off an entry for Coquet Yacht Club's 2016 Castles and Islands Challenge which takes place on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th June, 2016.

We hope you and your friends will take part in this exciting and rewarding team event. Please take a moment to put it in your diary now.

You will find a poster, initial information about the event and an application form at our dedicated Castle & Islands section of our website. All are easy-to-download PDF documents. Sailing instructions and instructions for runners will be sent out to etrants nearer the date.

This event offers you some very interesting and enjoyable challenges over a twenty-four-hour period. If you are thinking of taking part for the first time - or you would like a reminder of what it's all about - please have a look at the two following websites. They both show you the spirit of the event:

• Team Vasque's 2009 Castles and Islands Challenge -
• Castles & Islands 2011: Rob’s Story, Tyne Bridge Harriers -

Finally - we would like to invite all runners and sailors with an interest in the Castles and Islands Challenge to join us at Coquet Yacht Club on Sunday 10th April for the 2016 Launch Evening. Whether you are a runner or sailor looking for a boat, a skipper looking for crew or runners, or simply seeking more information about the event - you will find the Launch Evening a useful and enjoyable experience.

We all look forward to welcoming you - runner, sailor or skipper - to CYC for the launch evening at 7:00 pm on Sunday 10th April 2016.

Alan Purdy
CYC Sailing Secretary

Tuesday, 24 June 2014 20:24

Castle & Islands Report & Results

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The 2014 Castles and Islands Challenge reminded us that it really IS a challenge to complete the course in 24 hours.

Gone were the winds and good breezes of earlier years. This year it
was ghosting south in little zephyrs and out with the oars for those that brought them.

Only two boats completed the Challenge in 24 hours; Sheevra in Class
1 and Trillium in Class 2 - congratulations!

C Beagle had the fastest runners and Sheevra had the best corrected sailing time.

Line honours this year went to Trillium - who beat Sheevra home by 1 minute and 20 seconds!

Download the results here.

Thank you to all the competitors for taking part - we look forward to seeing you and other participants in 2015.

Peter Cossins
CYC Castles & Islands Committee.


Peter Coulthard's (January First) race report:

Unfortunately I can't report on the race post about 1AM Saturday morning. However, at that time the wind was coming along nicely then forecast to drop off.....

A crowded CYC Clubhouse was visited for the pre race briefing hosted by Pete Hammond on Friday evening. Desperate appeals were made for any volunteers to run as yacht Runaway's had pulled out. It seemed to be a year for runners going missing what with Jondalar II losing theirs days before the event. Very remiss of you Steve.....Don't lose the next ones please.

The runners onboard January First seemed to be taking it all in their stride (every pun intended!) arriving 2 minutes before the briefing started as they had stopped off at the Widdrington inn for steak and kidney pie with all the trimmings! Strange I thought before a race but they know best.....

As the chimes struck 7PM in Alnwick the runners set off into a warm evening with gentle breeze. Ideal for running but for sailing????

My runners complained about getting lost turning right instead of left at Buston Barns and getting a stitch 3 miles into the race. They blamed the seasick tablets for the stitch - I blame the steak and kidneys...... Getting lost - no excuses!

First runners arrived and shot off to their boat with a steady stream of runners arriving shortly thereafter. As the runners arrived for January First we were watching CBeagle executing a perfect high speed handbrake turn around B Hammerhead in the marina - RACE ON!

Runners on board sails up as we leave the harbour and away we go. January First 4th out of the marina chasing CBeagle, Sheevra and Trillium. Charisma (she'd been tied up at the quay wall making their runners go that little bit extra - as if they weren't running far enough!) and Émigré in hot pursuit behind us.

Sewer boy, engine off, Ipad out, course set let's go! Charisma tried an overtaking move to windward to get past January First - nice try ......

Around the Island, spinnakers up ad Northward bound.

It was amazingly warm with a steady wind as the fleet progressed North. January First and Émigré were having a good tussle with Émigré continually trying to get close enough to nip at our heels which only drove us on gradually overtaking CBeagle and gaining on Sheevra.

As we passed Boulmer Style we could just see Trillium disappearing over the horizon but his spinnaker was clearly hanging limp. a chance to catch up as ours stayed full or a sign of things to come?

Now as most sailors know, there's nothing quite like sailing along on a evening in good company but with the threatening sounds of breakers to your port side? This was the scenario at Boulmer. Slight nerves were kicking in on January First as we had no echo sounder working - I'm sure it'd be fine!

Ahead we see Sheevra's spinnaker collapsing, come on we've got them now! Yes, Emigre's has too and now CBeagle's. Ours stays full as we follow the wind away from the coast. is that a mistake for Sheevra as they stay well inshore in no wind?

Light starts to fail as night draws in and we watch everyone put the navigation lights on. Runners nicely tucked up in bed snoring happily, January First creeps ever onward as Mark continues to munch his way through all things food and "Ket" related.

The radio squawks to life as we near Newton and we try to decipher whether that is Trillium dropping runners off or collecting them. I'd previously decided to go into Newton first and then catch the tide going North but with the little wind we have I decide to head straight for Staple Sound with the tide now with us.

Finally I relinquish the helm for a while only for the new helm, Stuart graham, to comment on the wind instrument showing 180 degrees out. I look and see it doing strange things..... Craster Triangle strikes again. Hang on, the lights have gone out on the instrument too.

Yes, we have lost battery power. Mast head light looks like a rather poor imitation of a guttering candle. Both batteries showing 6 volts! Please let there be enough to start the engine and get some juice flowing. Nope - not even enough to turn the engine over.

I've got a perfect course to get through Staple, good wind and good boat speed. do I carry on? I still have navigation on the Ipad...... Runners have travelled up from Lancashire just for this do I want to waste their time? I could bear away and head for Seahouses, drop runners off and try to nab a friendly fisherman to give me a boost - hold on Seahouses and friendly fisherman???? Reluctantly I admit we need to turn back and sail for home whilst we still have wind. The thought of losing the wind in the morning and being stuck without engine is not a nice one. MArk threatens to get off if we have to call the lifeboat out. Nah we tried him pushing the boat last week and it didn't work. South and home it is.

We make good speed South shining torches on the sails when we are near other boats to alert them of our position. Please let the wind hold and go to the North as forecast. We could salvage some pride and sail home then sail into the marina!

We arrive at Warkworth mark too quickly and it's rock bottom of the tide. We anchor up in a horrible sloppy swell and Stuart starts breakfast with a range of bacon / bacon and egg / bacon egg and black pudding rolls. The runners awaken to ask is that Holy Island (seeing Coquet Island to our stern)? We announce the problems and they retire back to bed!

We can't sit here all morning we were going to sail in! Tide's rising let's try the approach to the harbour. We've got nothing else to do. Would you believe it? The wind's Westerly straight down the harbour and there's a continual stream of boats leaving the piers. I daren't make the run with out engine whilst having to dodge other boats..... We wait.

On the final attempt we have fenders out ready and we are going for it. We are just about to scrape past the North Pier (we wanted to be right up here then bear away up the river) along comes Richard Hop in the club Rigiflex to offer assistance. I'd not normally say Richard is a sight for sore eyes, or even pleasing to the eye; but my eyes were tired and sore and I'll say no more.

So, how do you tow a 35 foot yacht with a small boat and a 10Hp engine. Alongside and very slowly is the answer.

We make it into the berth and we go to reawaken the second runner - time to go home I'm afraid.

January First is put to bed, we can't recreate the battery issue no matter what we try and we trudge home thinking perhaps the boat was telling us she didn't want to be there. Sometimes you just have to listen to your vessel!

Temperature rises, wind drops (as we feared) and I later find out that only two boats made it back in the time limit - Trillium and Sheevra. Well done to them and it just goes to show it is not just a race but truly can be a challenge.

The results are in - photos from the prize giving.

Tomorrow sees the start of the Castles and Islands with the hooter going off @ Alnwick Castle @ 7pm. The runners then make their way to the club and seek out their yachts for the next part of the event.

Normally we get a good crowd in the club house watching them pass through so hopefully we can have a good turnout of members and friends to urge them on. We will have an internet link so that friends, family and members can watch them live on the internet as each team will be issued a trackable phone.

The teams should be back at the club house throughout the afternoon of Saturday ready for food, joviality and prizes.

The Saturday evening event starts @ 1830. The eventers have already paid for their food but there will be enough for friends, family and members to dine @ £8.00 per head. £6.00 for children. It's burgers and desert. 

Let's see a good turnout and have a great time. 

On Saturday morning there will be a delivery of concrete to lay the "slab" underneath the steel structure which will be base of the workshop etc.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 13:51

Castle & Islands Update - Meeting Friday 13th

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It's that time of year when a random set of nutters run and sail around the Northumberland Coast all in the name of fun.

So far we have a 6 or so boats entered but for the first time ever in the event Pete Hammond will not be sailing. Injuries and work means he's going to be away until the Thursday before the event.

Running Marshalls.

The duties involve wearing a rather fetching high visibility jacket and guiding the runners and checking that they have all gone through. We need a minimum of 6 volunteers here but the more the merrier. We can send you out in pairs or groups. The runners take between 54minutes and 90 minutes to do the run so you would be on station for that time or until all the runners have passed.

Seahouses Marshall

This is an adventure spot. Under ideal circumstances the boats come into Seahouses as there last running leg. Which means very early in the morning. (02:00-06:00) but actually it can be any time from 23:00 to 10:00 so a good book and plenty of coffee are essential for this one. For many years this has been the domain of the hardy crew from the River Aln Boat club however this year the event clashes with another in Alnmouth and so if at all possible they have asked to be excused.
So this one's for the adventurers amongst us.

Meeting on Friday 13th

We will be holding a meeting this Friday at 19:30 at the club, where by the way they server great food and drinks, so please come along for an hour or so and we'll sort out the final details.

Please can everyone and any one who can help get come along on Friday or get in touch with Peter Hammond (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)