Peter Coulthard

Peter Coulthard

Saturday, 12 March 2016 15:37

RYA Training Courses starting soon

As you will no doubt know by now CYC are now a recognised RYA Training Centre. We will be running some training courses shortly. Dates for these courses as below:
RYA Start Sailing Stage 1 (Adults) 16th & 17th April 2016 9am-4pm
RYA Start Sailing Level 1 (Youths) 14th & 15th May 2016 9am-4pm
RYA Stage 2/Level 2 (Adults & Youths) 31st July & 14th August (Sundays) 9am-4pm
RYA Powerboat Level 2-any 2 Sundays throughout the year as demand requires.
We are aiming to have a Powerboat course PRE April 23rd. Those of you who have already expressed an interest please let myself, Mark Phillips, or any other committee member know asap and we'll get it started.
We will also be starting some "Club Nights". The first one will hopefully include a bit of an informal aide de memoir session on basic rope work, knots, splicing etc. We hope to do one with a refresher on chartwork after that one. Watch out for emails from Lindy via the social emails for these.
Come on beginners or experienced yachtsmen it's never too late to get into a dinghy. Refining those sailing skills in a dinghy will help with the yacht sailing - trust me. Look at Allen Brunton - successful dinghy sailor transposing skills into leading the fleet on the yacht racing scene. Come back Allen, you know you'll miss it. We'll certainly miss you from the racing - hope you're feeling better soon!
Look forward to seeing you in the dinghies soon.
Remember, sailing courses. Interested? Contacy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Further information will also appear on the soon to be launched 'Training' section of the website.
Peter Coulthard
Vice Commodore


I thought it time to resurrect the sailing report (or blog depending upon your viewpoint) for CYC.
There were 5 hardy; or perhaps fool hardy, souls who ventured out on the water today in toppers and something a bit bigger.
From my perspective, well, you know how it is. You have a hard week at work and you need to blow off some steam. You know you should be working on preparing the "big boat" ready for the season but that just won't suffice. Forecast for Northerly winds 15 MPH, after a few days of strong winds from the East...... that should do the trick and release some work tension. What could go wrong???
Leaving the house with the car packed with both dinghy stuff and big boat work stuff I'm thinking "once again the forecasters have got it wrong - no wind! oh well sanding the bottom of January First it is then. Can't squander a nice morning when I've escaped from the kids for a while."
Arriving at the Club to help Ian Gibson move "stuff" from the store area into the container ready for the walls to be rebuilt I'm surprised at the strength of the wind. Perhaps the forecasters were correct after all.
Movement of chairs and general stuff complete for now time to rig the boats. Alan Dean arrives asking if anyone is going out. Tom Charlton arrives closely followed by Bob and Simon Leeming. Despite Tom's best efforts to dissuade me by telling me "that wind's picking up you know", "are you really taking that out on your own?" "So how do you right a capasized one of them?" I opt for my Hobie 17 catamaran, Alan takes RIB and the others take to the Toppers.
Have you ever noticed how much stronger the wind feels when it's a bit overcast and cold? It was certainly going to be interesting launching the cat "Toytime Too" from a lee shore in this cold overcast wind. Especially with the promise of an audience wanting to see the antics unfold from a nice warm bar area! Thanks Ian and Michael....
RIB launched, Toppers ready, catamaran main not going up "is something telling me not to go????" thinks I as a few more gusts hit us with the threat of rain hitting as well. Too late now, got a reputation to uphold.
First two toppers away leaving Tom and myself vying for who leaves next. I think neither of us were particularly enthusiastic with lots of "After you". "no no no. I insist after you." "You get on Pete and I'll give you a push out". "Sorry Tom I need more room so away you go".
In the end Tom sets off but gets his boom fouled in my bridles, capsize number one chalked up to Tom! "Sorry Tom coming through" as I decide to go.
I don't know if many of you have sailed a Hobie 17 but to say they can be a bit reluctant to tack at times and like to three point turn is an understatement. Exactly what I had to do between the boats on the foreshore and the CYC rubbing posts. Not a lot of room there but tack completed, sheet in and off we go past the blur that was the hammerhead. FREEDOM! 
Nothing has fallen off the boat, including me, yet and we are doing about 10 - 12 kts from the comfort of the wing. God I wish I had put my trapeze harness on as the hull lifts from the water. You know what, it's not cold anymore! Rollers coming through the piers here I come - after all Hobies were designed for surf work!
Past the sand bank, where are the Toppers and the RIB? Best turn back to make sure they are coming out here and not staying in the river, good excuse to tack round and reach back past the marina "I wonder whether our Commodore is there working on Dehlerium? I'm sure he would love to have been out.... Shame!". Toppers located back for the harbour.
Fishermen on pier alert! They aren't really going to cast out at me are they? Miracles and wonders, not this time. "Ow mate! That looks F'ing fantastic! How F'ing fast does it go? F' me I want one of them!" No sign of weights or hooks flying through the air so I fly a hull towards them as I express my thanks.
Those waves coming through the piers are quite large and very brown. Discretion better part of valour, into the wave basin with the Toppers thinks I.
"Fun" was had by all playing in the increasing waves within the wave basin. Simon decided to show some of us how to pitch pole a Topper coming off a wave - interesting! The Hobie's handling the waves well and I'm starting to get some confidence back remembering bits from the 20+ years ago since last I played with these things.
A little course was laid for us to follow. Great fun lifting a hull and flying over the waves. Tacking occasionally problematic still but getting there. Gybes were easy until I timed one a bit wrong getting a wave between the hulls bouncing me up off the trampoline just as the boat accelerated away. Of course it was seen by Alan Dean giving him a good laugh as I frantically tried to NOT somersault over the back of the boat! Lucky escape repeated twice more - time to go in before my luck runs out I think.
A couple of passes past the marina again, I'm sure Rich Hope appreciates the fact we are sailing and he's wet and drying the hull......
Erm problem ahead. I've been putting off thinking how to get back ashore in the increasing wind. It can take a bit to slow these cats down don't you know! Traveller out, main out, feet dragging in water and she glides to a stop just past the hammerhead and before the rubbing posts. Centreboards up! slips nicely sideways almost parallel parking RIGHT up until the wind changes and sets me sailing toward the rubbing posts! Centreboards down! catastrophe averted lets try another route.
Sail up river, gybe around the ABC yacht moored there, coming in on port and turn to wind at appropriate minute, sail backward to beach lifting rudders as I go - EASY! Did it all the time years ago! What could go wrong?
Gybing around the yacht, done! granted at probably over 10 kts but around, broad reach past those ABC boats on the foreshore, helm hard over, boat stops Perfect! - Hang on wind shift! Quickly jumping off the back to pull the boat ashore is the next phase - bit deeper than I expected but done! Phew!
Thanks to Michael Irwin for helping me to pull the boat ashore and helping me get the main down.
Shame I missed seeing Tom capsize at the slip! Shame I missed his heroic swan dive from the pontoon thinking "I bet that will be an invigorating swim!" Hope the ice cream headache was worth it Tom!
Thanks Alan Dean for providing rescue cover. 
Next dinghy sail in two weeks time. Hope it's a bit warmer for those on rescue.
Roll on the Summer.
Peter Coulthard
Vice Commodore

I just had to let people know about the events in today's Medmerry Cup race scheduled for this morning but postponed due to lack of wind.

4 boats went out for the light, yes LIGHT for a change, wind race around the bay. Rich Hope was race officer and jumped onboard January First along with Tom, Aimee and myself. Monkey Business was there hovering spare crew up, Jondalar II was complete with Bob Cairns jumping ship from the missing CBeagle and Off Quay made up the fleet.

Simple course, for most, was set and the start completed cleanly by all boats. With Monkey Business away first, closely followed by Jondalar (starts really getting better Steve) with January First to windward of them both.

First to the first mark was Monkey Business followed by January First about 1 minute 20 seconds behind then Jondalar and Off Quay. It is at this juncture I need to point out the helm of January First was none other than Tom Hope, honest he could see over the wheel! He was doing a sterling effort ordering both his dad and myself around. Allen, he's been sailing and stopping on Medmerry too much, you're rubbing off on him!

Off Quay opted to fly the spinnaker on the downwind leg and made up some ground but what happened to Jondalar II? Totally off the pace this week compared to the heavier weather. We peaked wind speed at about 15kts on January First. This was more like our weather, none of this reefing and rounding up stuff!

The only time I managed to really get the helm back from Tom was when he had to go to the loo - definitely like father like son there! Rich usually does that to me as well!

Approaching the finish line with a strong southerly flowing tide we on January First could see Monkey Business getting pushed South so Tom did a brilliant job pointing slightly higher to combat the pull South.

Alas, Monkey Business called their finish when they passed the mark to Starboard instead of Port. The error corrected but cost them about 2 and a half minutes whilst January First caught a bit more wind. Makes a change the wind filling in to help us instead of just the rest of the fleet.

Second over the line, still helmed by Tom, January First then Off quay and finally Jondalar II. most boats tied up in marina just as the thunder started - phew!

Results -
First January First helmed by Tom Hope, yes Tom you do have to go up to collect the trophy I'm afraid.
Second Monkey Business, IF he'd finished correctly the difference would have been less than a minute on corrected time.
Third Off Quay - well sailed you two
Fourth Jondalar II

Allen's influence definitely rubbed off on Tom there Rich. A monster has been created. NOW you just have to keep up your son's winning ways on the new boat when we get her back next month.

Good to see Chaos returning back to the CYC fleet after a while ashore and a couple of seasons at RNYC.

Good to see Off Quay out there too. An excellent turn out for the RNLI pennant. IF Sanda had not just been moved over into the new ownership (welcome to the fleet Paul and Amanda) and CBeagle hadn't gone off to play on the beach with the family we would have been well into double figures of entrants.

Hope you enjoyed the return to the fleet too Mr Hammond. tina Louise looked to be revelling in the blustery conditions.

Shame I had to retire due to gear failure it was shaping up to be a good race. Medmerry II luffing January First to stop her overtaking on the downwind leg. Good stuff! Sorry to the rest of the fleet if we broke people's concentration due to the singing, dancing and music coming from January First! Life's too short to be down, grumpy and not enjoy the weather whilst we have it.

Results as attached.

Really good to see Jondalar II finally sailing to her true potential!




Tuesday, 21 July 2015 22:02

Upcoming dinghy sailing times

As the weather is improving and water is slowly warming it is great to see the dinghy team resembling and actively being out in the water. This weekend we have:
Friday 24th July: Meet 7pm
Sunday 26th July: Meet 10am
Depending on weather, conditions and boats we can arrange training, racing or cruising on the day!

How jealous can a person get? I turned up at the club today at 11:30, the scheduled time for dinghy sailing, and found both bahias ready to go, the Rib out for safety cover, the RS400 about to touch water and Glen Hogg taking his laser2 out.

Perfect conditions, warm, good wind but alas I was "with child" as Jamie, my son, refused to partake. Kids, who'd 'ave 'em?

Looked a brilliant sail and so good to see the dinghies out there.

The resultant report shows a good time was had by all. Hope no damage to yours Glen, you seemed to stop quite abruptly on the North Side.

Next scheduled dinghy sails -

Friday 17th July (next Friday!)dinghy racing with meet up for 17:00

Sunday 19th July evening sail meet at 17:00 - TRAINING and Coaching session.



Saturday saw the final race of the Spring Series at CYC. The race was also a trophy race being contested for the Whit Tankard.

5 skippers signed up for the start with a 6th, Monkey Business' John being momentarily seen in the car park pre briefing but not to be seen again until after the race. It turns out his wife's train was cancelled so he had to take her to Newcastle station. Shame John as you missed quite a race.

This was to be the first race utilising the new race marks so a change in race format used - NOT a triangle Sausage in site!

Forecast was anything from 8-13kts SSW to almost nothing to variable 4-5. At least it was warm wind - whichever direction it was coming from.

January First, Medmerry II, Lil, CBeagle and Jinny Jenny lined up for the start with a course laid in - start between Warkworth and North Pier, Middle to Starboard, Sewer to Port, Pan Bush to Port, Warkworth to Starboard - 2 laps. Option to shorten to one lap finishing between Warkworth and North Pier should the wind die.

January First played host to Peter Boyle as race officer due to Armorel being out of action. An excellent start for Cbeagle being first over start line closely followed by Alan Dean on Jinny Jenny then Medmerry followed NOT so closely by January First. Always the same when we play some part in race officer duties, atrocious start for us!

First to the mark in the freshening wind Medmerry then CBeagle then Jinny Jenny then January First. First 4 boats in quick succession but Medmerry II and CBeagle opting to fly spinnakers setting a cracking pace.

Rounding the mark Medmerry flies away and the fight now ensues between CBeagle and January First for second place on the water. By the Sewer mark Medmerry has rounded first 2 minutes infront of January First with CBeagle about 2.5 minutes behind. Jinny Jenny about the same behind CBeagle. Lil seems to be struggling a bit in the strengthening winds.

Has anyone noticed how weird and gusty or changeable the wind gets around Sewer in South Westerly winds? It certainly was today? A rather messy gybe onboard January First with Mainsheet getting snagged around the starboard primary winch and we were round giving chase to Medmerry flying the kite. we were registering boat speed of high 7kts on way to Pan Bush. This is what sailing is all about!

Harden up around the new Pan Bush for the up wind back to Warkworth. Wind is now 20+kts. Sorry Richard but this really is true Sanda weather - she / you would have loved it!

Medmerry makes it to the Warkworth mark in one where us mere mortals on lesser boats have to take two tacks. Well held in the strong winds Allen!

Round Warkworth and the gap between Medmerry and January First is shortening with the gap to CBeagle widening..... Come On!

Medmerry flies the kite again and sets off on what appears to be a typical medmerry course - about 20 degrees below the direct course followed by a quick adjustment upwind when the mark is spotted.

Round middle and despite Medmerry's weird course decisions enroute he has stretched away making good use of the reaching Warkworth in one. We on January First elect to put a bit of genoa away on the way to Sewer as the wind is freshening further - what on Earth do these forecasters know? This certainly wasn't supposed to be on the cards for today.... we are registering 30+kts again!

Once again we find the wind around Sewer to be totally unpredictable and after two failed attempts of tacking instead of gybing (first was an unexpected one to be honest!) we manage to get her around but we've lost a lot of ground to Medmerry and CBeagle. This feels like one of those race game changing moments right there. " legs to go so still all to play for.

The wind is still building, now feels a bit silly to be out here, as we put a reef into the main almost completing before we get to the Pan Bush mark. It'll have to do as we head up for the final leg.

Medmerry gets line honours followed by January First and Cbeagle. Lil and Jinny Jenny decide discretion better part of valour and retire.

I later hear that Lil had a nasty broach, strangely at Sewer, and retired rather shook up. Hope everyone onboard and the Lil are okay Alan.

Results are in:
First place goes to CBeagle - I think the Stuart Crass effect was plain to see today as he joined the crew fresh from French delivery trip
Second goes to January First by a margin of less than 3 minutes after nearly 1 and a half hours racing
Third place goes to Medmerry II

Well sailed. or survived in our case, all!

Hope the boat hunting this weekend is going or has gone well Rich! We all look forward to locking horns soon on whatever you bring home!

Northumberland Plate next week with a cruise in company home on the Sunday.

Better late than never I suppose. Apologies for not getting this out earlier. A mix of family commitments and work commitments eaten my time - where has the week gone???

Saturday 4th July saw the Youth Cadet Race being run. IT's been missing form the last couple of years due to weather conditions and with a forecast of 8 to 13 kts, sunshine and warm weather this year looked promising.

4 young skippers turned out for the day:
Sam Coulthard on Januray First
Tom Hope (AKA young Mr Brunton) on Sanda Sund
Elijah and Evan on CBeagle
Simon Leeming on Monkey Business

Course was set in the light airs start at Middle, down to Sewer (take to Port) back up to Middle 1 lap with the option to shorten if wind died right off.

As the skippers and crew dispersed for their respective boats there was no sign of Monkey Business so Bob and Simon start to head off for Kite.

There was a fair swell coming into the harbour with, at times, perhaps 1.5 metres out at sea. This could be interesting as Sam on January First was clinging for dear life to the wheel. IT was her first real sail for probably 2 or more years and certainly first race for probably 5! Definitely interesting with only myself and Graham onboard as "crew".

Up to the "unusual" start line and the swell is quite large, wind is piping up towards 20kts, it's okay though as it's forecast to drop off - granted it was not meant to be this high to begin with but there you go.

3 boats made it to the start line on time with Simon coming along later actually on Monkey Business.

First boat over the start line was January First, good girl Sam, closely followed by Sanda then CBeagle, quick tack off and down to Sewer with a weird almost following sea. Sam was admittedly nervous as hell but with some excellent playing of the mainsheet traveller by Graham all was well and mostly on an even keel. Quite a challenging course to steer with the rolling swell meaning continual adjustments to the helm for her. My poor thumb pointing "right a bit, left a bit, spot on" for to helm by as I kept an eye on tell tails got some stick. Sam was just too nervous to even sit down!

As we neared the half way mark for the first leg all four (now) boats were seeing some very strange wind shifts. At one point Tom on Sanda was seen to be heading a good 30 - 40 degrees higher than January First (nothing new there I hear you cry!) then the next exactly the same direct but on differing tacks.

Poor Elijah on CBeagle was getting conflicting reports from his dad "follow Tom, no no no follow Sam, sorry go in the middle".

Got to say, in those conditions Tom was sailing a blinder on Sanda closing the gap continually. I later heard he was shouting the orders, taking full control and almost "channelling" Allen Brunton with some of his comments of "Okay, let's get them shall we!". Allen, your legacy lives on! Do they do "Breton red" trousers for Tom's age I wonder? Might need them soon Rich if all goes well in Suffolk this weekend.

January First still leading the way with Monkey Business flying in the stiffening breeze. When will this wind die to the forecasted amount?

In the worsening conditions the course was shortened as previously discussed to finish between Sewer and South Pier. First over the water January First, then Sanda followed by CBeagle and the flying Simon on Monkey Business.

The sea around Sewer was really unpleasant and again some very flukey wind shifts. Hope Evan was okay on CBeagle when he got caught by the mainsheet after an unexpected gybe. Hats off to you Kris, two kids on the boat - I'm impressed. Was it a carton of juice per hour rationed out to them?

It was tight on corrected time with Sam Coulthard winning on January First by 10 seconds from Tom on Sanda Sund. A shame Simon didn't make it to the start on time as I think the way he was sailing Monkey Business he would have trounced us all!

Well done to all skippers! Smiles all round from them at the end which is what it is all about in the end! Crew enjoyed it too, which helps.

There will be a prize giving for the youth cadet race in September on an afternoon - date / time to be announced. Great to see the younger members out there "doing it".

Thanks Peter and John Paul for the crewing / race officer duties on Armorel.


Yesterday was the date for the Volador Plate race. Forecast was for 8 - 13 kts Westerly winds, sunshine an warm. Flats seas! a perfect recipe for January First today then! this is her weather! Well they got everything correct apart from the wind strength I guess. In the immortal words of Meatloaf "2 out of 3 aint bad". We ended up with over 30kts of wind, warm wind but still 30+kts!

Thanks need to be expressed to Peter Boyle and Brian (new member, sorry didn't catch surname) for ably manning the race officer boat. Thanks also go to Alan Dean plus Darren Frost for putting race marks out, Richard and Michael for retrieving them then not forgetting Mark and Stuart for fixing Armorel's problematic power steering again. Shredded belt this time.

5 skippers signed up for the race, Medmerry II, Jinny Jenny, January First, Sanda Sund and Sujuva II (Nice to see you out there Alan). Course was set as Olympic course 2 laps, option to shorten to one if wind died - HA!

January First left the marina with just myself and Darren Broderick leaving Mark and Stuart elbow deep in bilges, oil, grease and power steering belts on Armorel. Arrangement was for Armorel to drop them off on January First out at sea. Possibly a slight error in my judgement there - as Armorel came in alongside me, me stationary head to wind and the anchor of Armorel takes a chunk of gel coat out plus leaves a lovely black streak along the starboard side of January First.

The boats line up and the start is underway. January First again opts for the risky Port start and gets away first closely followed by Medmerry Sanda, Jinny Jenny and Sujuva. The wind's now piping up to almost 20kts but it's okay as it's forecast to be less than this so we plough on!

First mark is down at Inner / Birling. Experience now says during this year that the wind is always flukey and gusty down there. Saturday's race was no exception. I'm sure that's why Medmerry ended up apparently reaching to it from the beat at one rounding. So, January First and Medmerry were having a great tussle with January First making the mark first and Medmerry in hot pursuit off towards the island and the next mark.

Broad reaching in the now 25kts of wind is interesting whilst making sure Medmerry just behind me isn't giving me too many causes for concern. I know I'm in Allen's blind spot behind his sails and suddenly we get a vicious broach rounding me up now broadside to Medmerry's fast approaching bow. 9 or so tons of Sigma 41 bearing down on you at 8+kts, I have all sails loose and only just getting steerage back - a tad nervous until Allen heads up to skirt around me. Phew! Suddenly, the damaged gel from Armorel's anchor was potentially the least of my worries!

Quite funny watching Bob Leeming on Medmerry looking backwards towards me relaying what I was doing to Allen at the helm. Saves him cricking his neck all of the time I suppose.

Gybe around the mark with January First and Medmerry still in really close quarters but the wind's still picking up and with 2 inexperienced crew onboard I decide to put a reef in the main. We are still doing 7+ kts but she's more manageable and we aren't losing much to Medmerry compared to the rounding up costing us dearly before. Sanda's in contention too just 3 or 4 minutes behind me. This is now her and Medmerry's weather - Damn!

Mark rounded and down to the gate / start line. Medmerry makes it through in one tack but I have to tack to get across. Might be an interesting picture of January First powering along towards Armorel, if we fit into the camera aperture. We were quite close when I tacked....

Through the line and onwards for the "sausage" of the Olympic course. The necessary tack over the line has cost me big time as Medmerry has now pulled away. Still a long way to go so all to play for. Hang on though, Sanda's made the gate too so I've also lost time to Sanda now. Surely we sail to get away from the stress and strain of life? Not today!

Downwind goosewinged on the sausage and round we go again but now I have some Genao furled away too. Again more manageable but is it costing me too much speed compared to those NOT reefed?

It was good to watch Jinny Jenny really going well in such winds and quite interesting looking across at Sujuva at one point looking like I could see her keel during one gust.

Next rounding of the gate I make it through but Medmerry doesn't neither does Sanda. Perhaps all is not lost!

By the end of the second lap we are peaking at 34kts wind speed and I have to admit I'm not enjoying it. we cross the line just under 10 minutes behind Medmerry after 1 hour 40 minutes of racing.Sanda is a further 8 minutes behind me with Jinny Jenny and Sujuva following on from there.

I understand that this may have been the last race for Sanda with Richard as skipper / at the helm as she may be sold soon. What better way for him to sign off the Sanda chapter of his sailing life than with a win? Which he did do beating Medmerry into second place by almost 3 minutes and January First into 3rd place by almost 4 and a half minutes.

Well done Richard and Sanda.

Sanda 1st with corrected time of 1 hour 45 minutes
Medmerry II 2nd with corrected time 1 hour 47 minutes 56 seconds
January First 3rd with corrected time 1 hour 49 minutes 23 seconds
Jinny Jenny 4th with corrected time of 1 hour 53 minutes 45 seconds
Sujuva II 5th with corrected time of 1 hour 55 minutes 21 seconds.

Some good clustering of times there.

Now a word of caution. Beware all CYC skippers. There's a poacher about trying to snap up unsuspecting crew members from other boats. Make sure your crew members check the bottom of their respective beverage before drinking. You don't want them taking the Medmerry shilling!

Next week sees the Youth Cadet race hopefully being run. It was cancelled last year due to strong winds. January First and Sanda signed up. anyone else? Simon, how about kite or perhaps asking Allen if you can take Medmerry after this weekend's performance?

Hopefully see everyone next week.

Remember the Regatta is coming up first weekend of August! 2 races back to back on Saturday then 1 on the Sunday. Nice afternoons races. See Clubhouse noticeboards for more details.

First one, I am glad to announce that I was NOT going mad on Friday night and more importantly a dinghy was NOT stolen from the club house. In my write up re Castles & Islands I mentioned the dinghy for January First's use had gone missing. It has since been found. "Someone" had decided to loan it out to Nick Spurr. Mystery solved. I could have done without the added pressure of that one pre race!

This Saturday sees the Volador plate race being run. This is a great chance for any boat to win a bit of the Club's silverware without doing a full series of races. This is a trophy I personally have never won and would like my name on this big plate as I am sure others would too. I'm positive Medmerry II will be wanting to wipe the smirk off January First's collective face after the last time we squared up against each other..... Talk about setting myself up for a fall!

Last series race we had a good turn out of 7 boats racing. Come on, let's push up to double figures of entries. forecast if currently for light winds so it's anyones for the taking.

We have Peter Boyle as Race Officer. Briefing is 10:00 at Clubhouse.

See you all there.


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