The Course

The challenge starts at Alnwick Castle with a 16km / 10 mile run to Amble visiting en-route Warkworth Castle which has to be “circumnavigated” before continuing on to Amble Harbour. At Amble the runners join their boats which are allowed to motor to the affectionately known “sewer buoy”, after which only sail power may be used. Under sail the boats must circumnavigate Coquet Island in a clockwise direction then, in any order, visit Newton Haven, Seahouses Harbour, Holy Island and pass through both Inner Sound and Staple Sound. At Newton Haven, Seahouses Harbour and Holy Island Harbour the runners will complete set runs of 7km. (4.5 miles), 11km. (6.5miles), and 15km (9 miles).

Further information will be available in the Initial Information pack, avaliable for download soon.

The map below is fully interactive, and clicking on the the various pins will reveal more details.

Yellow = Running event / Blue = Sailing event