The Rules

A team must consist of a minimum of two runners and two sailors, with a maximum of 6 people in total.
Boats must be in seaworthy condition and carry safety equipment including flares, VHF radio, inflatable dingy or liferaft. Full Sailing Instructions and Running Directions will be forwarded to skippers at a later date.
When runners are on board, apart from as detailed below, no motorised form of propulsion may be used.
Having left Amble and passed Amble Outfall buoy, boats may only use their engine when:
  •  entering/leaving Holy Island harbour from Triton buoy to Holy Island harbour
  •  at Seahouses Harbour and Low Newton once inside the drop off zone when runners are not on board
  •  in an emergency to avoid a hazard or a collision.
Boats may anchor at any time with or without runners on board.
Runners must row ashore or be rowed ashore at the designated places.
Lifejackets must be worn when going ashore or returning to boat.
Boats may anchor, motor, or sail when runners are not on board.
A minimum of two runners must run each running leg but changes of runners can take place between legs.
Changes to the course, postponement or cancellation may be necessary depending on weather conditions on the day.
The named skipper is responsible for runners and crew and their safety is paramount.