History of CYC

1963 – Prime Minister Harold Macmillan resigns over the Profumo scandal, President John F. Kennedy is gunned down in Dallas, the Beatles top the Hit Parade with ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ – and a group of like-minded individuals set in train the formation of Coquet Yacht Club. Their first official meeting was held in January 1964 and they set up shop in an old caravan at Harrison’s Yard, then still a functioning shipyard, from where they launched their boats.

In the mid-70s, the same intrepid group, with a few additions, acquired the land on which the clubhouse now stands. Their accommodation was then upgraded to … a caravan, but this time with a shed. The Likely Lads were coming up in the world.

By 1981 they’d clubbed together, begged, stolen and borrowed enough money to build what is now the ground floor of the clubhouse.
Over the years, as interest in things nautical grew, so the club grew and it was ‘dead men’s boots’ to get in. Over some more years, and with the advent of Amble Marina, fewer moorings were needed and there followed some fallow years – but thanks to the stalwarts, the club survived.

The club has always been a co-operative community. All the work of the club, from sinking and maintaining the moorings to serving behind the bar, to cooking and serving Sunday lunches, is done by members.

With active sailing and social programmes, the club is a source of fun, relaxation and sheer pleasure for our members.Now, we’re ready to expand our community. We think it’s well past time to share this wonderful setting and these great facilities with more people. We’d love you to join us.