Why Join Coquet Yacht Club?

Some answers from people who did....

The first we knew about Coquet Yacht Club was a leaflet we got through the door, so we checked out the website and saw there were lots of fun activities and the cost was reasonable.

Joining was pretty straightforward and everyone was very welcoming. The children got involved in the dinghy sailing straight away and thorougly enjoyed themselves - they really look forward to coming down here. It's very child-friendly and it's a nice place to eat and drink as a family.

I'm really looking forward to trying out sailing on a yacht

Mark, Tracey, Eve and Ethan, Amble

We joined Coquet Yacht Club last year because we were new boat owners and we wanted to learn from people with more experience. We've had lots of good advice from other members and we've sailed on their boats to learn the ropes. It's a lovely setting with beautiful scenery in any weather.

The social side is brilliant. Everybody's really friendly - it's not cliquey at all. People come up to introduce themselves and help you to get to know everyone else. We've made some good friends. Nice, easy, relaxed.

Lindy & Steve, Rothbury

It's a 140-mile drive to get to Coquet Yacht Club, and it's worth every mile! The bar and food are always first class, the racing is challenging. There's a good mixture of family-orientated events and a good cruising programme.

It's great to see how many familes use the club. The dinghy sailing has played a large part in this.

So what keeps us coming to Amble? That's easy, three things: the people, the place and Coquet Yacth Club. It has become a second home to us and the friends we've made feel more like family. We've found club members to be extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and we can't recommend it highly enough. The place is stunningly beautiful and is located in the best cruising grounds on the entire East Coast.

Rich, Aimée & Tom, Driffield

We came up last year on spec for our daughters' dinghy sailing. We were shown round and we were made to feel so welcome we decided to join.

Now we're on the bar team too! The setting is really lovely. But mainly it's the people. Everyone's so easygoing.

Rachel & Simon, Newcastle upon Tyne