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Sailing Update - Reminder, first Yacht Race of the Season this weekend!

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Whitbread Tankard - Early Bird Race - Saturday 2nd May - Briefing 12:30

Apologies, I’ve been a bit quiet of late re the sailing at CYC. It’s a shame when work interferes with your actual life isn’t it?

Well, what’s been going on at the Club from a water based perspective during the Winter? Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin…..

Sail and power boat instruction: -

  • Mark has been busy over the Winter months building upon his training to become the Club’s Senior (yes that does mean he’s getting “old”) RYA instructor. We have qualified RYA Power Boat Instructors within the Club and will be running level 1 and level 2 power boat courses during the year. If you are interested in these courses please let Mark Phillips or Alan Dean (your Sailing Secretary) know asap.
  • We’ve recently had the RYA hold a dinghy instructor course at the club – Unfortunately we did not have any CYC members attend the course but hopefully we will get some “DI’s” to help Mark soon. 
  • The RYA have done a preliminary assessment on the Club to become an official Registered Training Centre (RTC – everyone talks in acronyms now!). Initial feedback is good. We just need to tidy up on a few procedures and tidy the site up and we are looking good to go.
  • If you look at your sailing program you will notice we scheduled in 2 RYA level 1 sailing courses and 1 level 2 sailing course during the year. Those interested, again, please let Mark and Alan know as soon as possible.
  • Power Boat instruction. As mentioned above we now have qualified power boat instructors in the club and will be running powerboat courses shortly. These will be run on the Club RIB and also the Club “Launch” / race Officer boat Armorel to give access to both ends of the none flappy engine spectrum of propulsion.
  • We expect there to be further courses being organised through the training team during the year. Watch out for more emails and information through the website on things such as Radio License, First Aid, Navigation, rope work etc. etc. 

Armorel – Yes, as mentioned above; and in previous emails from Phil the Club has now purchased a new Club race officer boat / launch. Primarily she will be for race officer duties and powerboat level 2 instruction usage. If you have any experience; and are willing to perhaps run a couple of races from Armorel during the year; or want to get experience being race officer please let Alan Dean or myself know and we’ll organise. We’d love to see more people involved. You get a totally different perspective on the sailing events held at the Club when seen from within the midst.

Race Marks – Over the past 50 years or so of the Club’s offshore series the club has tried umpteen different styles and designs of race mark. These have ranged from large vertical gas pipes to inflatable buoys to lobster pot “dans”, all with varying degrees of success. We had hoped this year to have bought small purpose built maritime shipping channel markers with full ground tackle and chain risers. However the manufacturer finally came back to say the potential seas conditions within some of the areas within the bay would be too great for the designs available. We know it’s NOT the Southern Oceans but…… So, we’ve now settled on 50 gallon drums with custom built brackets, chain risers and 350Kg sinkers. Thanks to Gareth Morgan of Calder Lifting (owns Jalfrezi in the marina) for sorting these out. I’m sure the more professional build and higher quality ground tackle will make for more resilient courses this year. We still have the large inflatable bright orange marks too. These will be used as temporary marks and launched from Armorel as required.

Last year the whole offshore season went literally down to the last race to see who had won overall. One point separated the first 2 boats after the full season’s racing. During the Winter I’ve noticed people taking their respective boat maintenance and pre season preparations rather more seriously than I’ve seen for a long time. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come??? I’ve hopefully fixed the non feathering prop on January First and even sanded her down below the water line in the hope she’ll be a bit more “slippy” through the water. Rich on Sanda has done work below waterline, bought new sails and EVEN got a spinnaker…… It should be fun to watch Michael trying to sort that on Sanda’s “Three Deck” – Good Luck with that Michael. Medmerry – well, what can I say? She’s been blasted back to gel below the waterline and now there’s a tent around he keel – shades of Australia 2 in the America’s cup I fear?

We have some new entrants into the offshore racing fleet this year. Alan Dean on Jinny Jenny has ditched his sailing love triangle between Medmerry and January First he had going last year; and is now bringing his Maxi out to play. I believe we also have a new member coming out on his Legend. Any more for any more??? Bluenote – what happened to you in the second half of the season last year?

We are going to trial a measured handicap system alongside the existing CYC handicaps. We are looking at an adjusted measured system so if you win a race you get perhaps a 3% drop in the rating, 2% for 2nd, 1% for 3rd but last perhaps gets a 3% lift. Might make things a bit more “fluid” and bring the fleet even closer together on handicap results.

First race is this Saturday the 2nd May with briefing in the Clubhouse at 12:30. Forecast looks like we could be getting anything from light NE winds to perhaps 16 kts ESE. Guess we’ll know when we get out there!

Look forward to seeing people out there and here’s to a successful season.

Peter Coulthard

Rear Commodore Sail.

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