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A full weekend of dinghy sailing so far

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Just a quick update on the dinghies at CYC last week and this weekend.
As you know we took delivery of the RS Cuba, the RS Vision and the Laser Bahia over the last week of so. Several people have been trialling them all to their collective enjoyment it seems.
Last week saw Simon Leeming and Mark having a quick (3 hour) spin in the Vision resulting in a bit of race tuition on roll tacks and gybes etc. Poor Simon seemed a bit tired after that!
Yesterday saw Bob and Simon trying the Laser Bahia flying the asymmetric to great use. I'm sure Simon's face must be aching by now from the grinning he's been continuously doing the past few days playing with new toys! 
Today saw Bob and Simon (yes again, they really do seem to be getting their teeth into these new boats with some vigour!) out on the Bahia but this time taking Alan Dean and his daughter Harriet out on it. I arrived just as Alan and Harriet were about to leave but you know when someone has enjoyed their first ever dinghy sail when you see the Cheshire cat grin again...... Glad you enjoyed it Harriet!
I have to say, Alan's comment about the Bahia when comparing it to the old Wayfarers sums the difference up "it's like a boat from outer space compared to the wayfarer - much prefer the Bahia. loads of room to get under the boom and really steady!"
I arrive with my daughter Sam to have a try, Rich Hope arrives with his son Tom to have a go and Andrew (sorry missed your second name Fletcher?) arrives looking for a go. Not a lot of wind but sunny so we go for it. I take Sam on the rigiflex as rescue hoping to swap onto one of the other boats later on, Rich, Tom and Andrew take the Bahia and the Leeming boys take the Vision.
An unexpected attendee is Edward with his family taking out their laser 2000. Great to see a family out on the water - yes I'm jealous Edward. Wish my two kids would sail with me. Brilliant! If you ever want the family to have a try of a yacht, please let me know and you can come out on January First......
The three boats play around in the harbour entrance and into the wave basin whilst I cajole my Sam into agreeing to practice some man over board drills (no one in the water I might add just stuff floating around) and then into agreeing to try swapping onto the Vision. Arrangements made with Bob and Simon to go to the beach and swap but alas, not to be - beach too shelved for safe landing of the rigiflex and re launch of the Vision with my Sam onboard - but she does agree willing to have a go tomorrow!
It's great to see two boats together and watching as the unspoken rule of "more than one boat in same vicinity - ergo race on!" come out. The Vision and the Bahia having great fun trying to out point each other, perhaps the Vision had it over the Bahia??? I couldn't quite tell!
Tom seems to be enjoying his dinghy sail. Andrew seems to be enjoying coming to terms with Richard and the plethora of bits of string involved in the Bahia and flying the spinny. However Richard seems to be having the most fun of all, almost remembering his misspent youth sailing dinghies.  
Can you remember that far back Rich?
Sorry, had to be done... He is younger than me you know!
Weather looks slightly stronger winds for tomorrow but people have agreed to hopefully give them all another outing tomorrow (Monday) and are meeting at the Club at about 3PM ish. Mark Phillips is hopefully taking Mark Aberdeen out on the Bahia - Good Luck Mark hope you enjoy it!
Also interesting to hear people when we came ashore asking how long the boats are here for as more yacht sailors express interest in trying the smaller boats out!
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