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Bank Holiday dinghy swimming, sorry sailing...

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Just a short update for today.
Slight change in wind conditions today compared to yesterday. Gusting perhaps up to 20kts Easterly today. At least it was sunny!
Simon Leeming was the first to try the RS Cuba for the club. He was reefed when I was out there but it was still trucking on well.
Yours truly tried the Bahia today accompanied by my daughter Sam. It's taken her a while to get up the courage for sailing again per se but once she's decided to try you are then in the conundrum of if I go on a gusty day like today will she enjoy it or will it put her off again? Then again, she's keen so do you build on how keen she is? oh what a dilemma for a parent...... Sod it, let's go!
Got to say, the Bahia is a big boat to launch from the beach on your own with a very inexperienced person sitting in there, especially knowing that as soon as you get in you have to get the rudder down and centreboard down and bear away onto a reach between the rubbing posts and the hammerhead - all whilst trying to be calm infront of your child onboard! The Bahia handled it brilliantly. A Gentle giant! zipped out through the gap, then through the moored boats, left the jib furled for now, tacked quite easily without the jib and pointed out towards the Easterly end of the moorings. Quite a balanced boat with plenty of room to move around in whilst not tipping precariously as you do so. Centreboard's a bit stiff to get down if your crew is not strong enough to do so!
Quick tack around, boat again took it in her stride, as did the crew! Run down the Southern side of the moorings, gybe still easily managed despite the wind through the moorings to the North side to line up for the approach back into the CYC foreshore. Final gybe, through past the hammerhead and a graceful dismount at the beach ready for Mark Aberdeen, family and Mark Phillips to have a blast. Sam was slightly unimpressed we hadn't been out for very long and was immediately wanting to know when we can go out again "what's the tide for tomorrow dad?"...."Dad's got to work tomorrow Sam!" "Oh, can Mam bring me out instead then?" Oh I did chuckle when I volunteered Louise to do so!
As I left Mark and family were just about to embark on their first trial sail and I wished them good luck!
I later returned to see how it went - I was told the two Mark's managed to capsize the Bahia but Mark P managed to right it quite quickly. They sailed on just the main there after and much more manageable. Turns out the jib halyard tension was not sufficient for the wind strength - the joys of learning a new boat!
Simon seems to have really enjoyed the Quba, despite his capsize too.
Thanks Bob Leeming for rescue cover, looks like you were needed!
By the way, did anyone else see the porpoises out at sea yesterday? We did from January First!
Mark's back out on Wednesday with some scouts having a sail. Next Saturday the tide is 18:50 so possible afternoon sail on the Saturday (before the 50th celebration whilst yachts are doing the pursuit race?) or Sunday evening....I know Glen Hogg's interested in trying the dinghies, anyone else wanting a go please let Mark Philips know asap and we'll try to arrange a rescue crew.
Another successful day was had testing the boats it seems. 
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