2014 Race Reports

Saturday, 01 November 2014 00:00

Autumn Cruise

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After what I think is my earliest start at the club, following a night on the bar I was well underway setting up the Bahia's, doing all the prep checks on the RIB (which has once again been stripped of all its worldly goods-tow lines etc.) and admiring what was a stunning November morning. It hit me that I had no confirmed sailors or inclination,that apart from me, this perfect day would be lost in what could be a foul winter. Within no time the wind had swept Steve Crookes from the marina who was enthusiastic and keen to get…
Sunday, 18 May 2014 19:24

Race Report - Friday 16th

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Well firstly a message of apology .....you missed a corker of a sail! Rolling on 6:30pm a small team was building outside the club measuring up who wanted which topper first-we each now have our favourites and are secretly tweaking them for ultimate performance! Kitting up 5/6 of out fleet as well as the laser we headed full sail down the coquet, meeting the piers and continuing northwards. A flat sea and westerly wind would provide excellent dinghy conditions with ample sail area. Heading down the piers we were met with jeers and young Amblians (Amble town folk possibly) calling…