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Series 1 Race 1

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Quick round up for the CYC Series 1 Race 1 from yesterday.
Alas due to starter motor failure no CBeagle this week but a welcome return to the fleet for Dehlerium.
Still early days in the season and although a sunny day that North Easterly wind was a bit nippy on the fingers and ears at times. Especially for the helm sitting down on the leeward side watching telltales.
Volador, Dehlerium and January First line up for the start this week. Once again we have a race officer boat in the form of Mark Davison on his rib. Makes the start and finish so much less subjective having an impartial judge and actual line to finish on.
Course - start at Sewer, Middle to Port, Inner to port, Pan Bush to Starboard, Sewer to Starboard finish at Middle.
Weather - sunny, light North Easterly wind and flat seas.
Volador seems to be gathering an evergrowing cohort of crew. Was that 5 or 6 onboard yesterday? Unlike January First who was missing all crew until the pressgang successfully found Alan Dean and Celia. Dehlerium crewed by clan Hope and birthday boy Tom. Happy birthday Tom!
January First first over the start line and creaming along in about 10kts of wind. Dehlerium close second and Volador close third but a lot further to leeward.
Not sure what you did Rich, or what I started doing differently; but Dehlerium went from pointing same angle as January First to gaining probably 5-10 degrees on me. Must be that new mainsheet and boom!
A race can be won or lost on a single decision I find. My next decision cost me the lead but DID give me some excellent close quarters racing with the other two boats. I decide to tack out to sea whilst the others continue North. MISTAKE!
Middle mark is rounded with Dehlerium and Volador close on my stern. Down to Inner and Volador hoists the kite then accelerates closing the gap. as we go hunting for Pan Bush. I leave the wheel to get a bearing from the plotter, come back ondeck to find Dehlerium overtaking me and shouting that I am not allowed to sail higher than my true course.... "137 degrees to mark Rich and I am sailing 140!" was my reply but he was now past!
Oh how I hate downwind sailing! Especially when Volador promptly gets past close to leeward of me. Round Pan Bush and push on to Sewer. Sewer mark looming and a close tussle between January First and Volador continues resulting in me nipping inside at the sewer mark and try closing the gap back up on Dehlerium.
Gap gets so close I could probably have boarded his bathing platform. In the gathering swell I thought I might at one point when January First decided to surf!
I have better boat speed but not enough to get past to leeward. I can't outpoint Rich so only one thing left. Tack out to sea again and hope Rich doesn't tack to cover me. Phew, no he doesn't.
This didn't work for me last time, tide has pretty much turned now so perhaps it will this time. Next tack and Rich crosses well in front of me. Damn! however both boats need at least one more tack to make the line.
Tacks are made and Rich still slightly ahead but not by much and as has been seen earlier I have better boat speed upwind AND I am further to wind than him. Will he be able to make the line on his tack or does he need to tack again??? THIS IS MORE LIKE RACING!
I'm almost on top of the Rib and almost over the line when Rich tacks onto starboard powers up and calls Starboard on me. Perhaps tacked a bit too early and not really giving me enough time or space considering the rib is there????
"Tack Tack Tack" was the cry. We tack and there are two hoots in quick succession. Rich is shouting at me to ask who finished first. Volador still sailing but really too close for comfort.
Rich takes line honours by 4 second after an hour forty minutes of racing. Welcome back Dehlerium!
1st place      Volador
2nd Place    Dehlerium
3rd Place     January First
Next race Saturday 19th May. Coastal race. Scheduled brief -7:30
(may be delayed slightly but Kris Burnett to keep you abreast of any changes during the week)


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